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Morgan City youth and adult bowlers
(Submitted Photo/Jerry Pillaro)

Morgan City bowlers are recognized

Area bowlers who participated in the Morgan City Youth Summer League and the Morgan City Little Big League seasons were recognized last week during a ceremony at Charlie’s Lanes.
Below is a list of the award winners in each category:
Morgan City Youth Summer League
Team Season High Scores:
—Handicap Series: J&J (Julianna Hernandez and Jaci Lynch), 1,457; Team 15 (Marina Duval and Ashley Mabile), 1,354; and We Don’t Care (Allison Mercer and Emily Price), 1,257.
—Handicap Game: Team 3 (Juliet Thibodeaux and Zach Aucoin), 495; Team 14 (Ethan Blanchard and Jessie Lodrigue), 494; Team 9 (Jacob Duval and Logan Haines), 456.
—Scratch Series: Strikeout Boyz (Micah Lodrigue and Tate Williams), 1,157; Dragon Slayers (Ty Ribardi and Hunter LeBlanc), 903; and Team 12 (Ty Bernuchaux and Owen Dehart), 844.
—Scratch Game: Cereal Killers (Jonathan Spinella and Haidyn Derise), 410; Team 13 (Cameron LaCoste and Jackson Kenney), 324; Crime & Pineshment (Jaxon Guillotte and Liam Guillotte), 277.
Boys Season High Scores
—Handicap Series: Ethan Blanchard, 710; Zach Aucoin, 666; and Ty Bernuchaux, 644.
—Handicap Game: Jonathan Spinella, 280; Jackson Kenney, 251; Jacob Duval, 234.
—Scratch Series: Micah Lodrigue, 627; Jessie Lodrigue, 518; and Liam Guillotte, 484.
—Scratch Game: Tate Williams, 225; Ty Ribardi, 192; and Cameron LaCoste, 180.
Girls Season High Scores
—Handicap Series: Briana Toups, 671; Haidyn Derise, 657; and Alanni Landry, 604.
—Handicap Game: Juliet Thibodeaux, 256; Allison Mercer, 223; and Ashley Mabile, 215.
—Scratch Series: Emily Price, 611; Marina Duval, 501; and Chloe Estay, 334.
—Scratch Game: Jaci Lynch, 234; Julianna Hernandez, 161; and Avery Landry, 98.
Morgan City Little Big League
Team Season High Scores
—Handicap Game: Ebowla (Juliet Thibodeaux and B.J. Thibodeaux), 530; Alex (Ethan Blanchard and Ti t i a Blanchard), 514; and Spring Rolls (Elizabeth Amador and Sandy Amador), 492.
—Handicap Series: Two Thibz (Sara Thibodeaux and Patrick Thibodeaux), 1,459; The Strikers (Chloe Dinger, Ricky Dinger and Candace Dinger), 1,431; and No Food or Drinks Allowed (Hailey
Amador and Adam Amador), 1,406.
—Scratch Game: Liam/Seth (Liam Guillotte and Seth Hebert), 445; Devon/Eric (Devin Hidalgo and Eric Cortez), 434; Team Pillaro (Montana Pillaro and Jerry Pillaro), 389.
—Scratch Series: We Don’t Care (Emily Price and Lisa Powell), 1,193; Corner-Pin Killers (Jonathan Spinella and David Spinella), 1,168; and Bobby/Evan (Evan Rotolo and Robert Rotolo), 999.
Men’s Season High Scores
—Handicap Game: Jerry Pillaro, 271; Miles Powell, 263; and Kenneth LaCoste, 239.
—Handicap Series, B.J. Thibodeaux, 723; Patrick Thibodeaux, 708; and Sean Torgrimson Sr., 638.
—Scratch Game: Robert Rotolo, 267; Seth Hebert, 259; and Heath Guillotte, 178.
—Scratch Series: Adam Amador, 705, and David Spinella, 527.
Women’s Season High
—Handicap Game: Lisa Powell, 244, and Kristi Boudreaux, 237.
—Handicap Series: Faith Spinella, 711, and Carissa Thibodeaux, 616.
—Scratch Game: Sandy Amador, 220.
—Scratch Series: Dena Thibodaux, 478.
Boys’ Season High Scores
—Handicap Game: Devin Hidalgo, 291; Jett Lodrigue, 239; and Ethan Blanchard, 239.
—Handicap Series: Grant Torgrimson, 682, and Jaxon Guillotte, 662.
—Scratch Game: Jonathan Spinella, 253, and Cameron LaCoste, 157.
—Scratch Series: Liam Guillotte, 555, and Evan Rotolo, 321.
Girls’ Season High Scores
—Handicap Game: Chloe Dinger, 270; Shannon Derise, 263; and Lexi Thibodeaux, 246.
—Handicap Series: Jolie Boudreaux, 738; Montana Pillaro, 700; and Elizabeth Amador, 653.
—Scratch Game: Emily Price, 246; Juliet Thibodeaux, 246; and Autumn Mills, 116.
—Scratch Series: Sara Thibodeaux, 488, and Hailey Amador, 274.


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