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Circle Drive area residents raise many concerns

(NOTE: Stephanie Calhoun was misidentified in the original version. We apologize for the error.)
Circle Drive and Hospital Avenue residents complained of noise, litter, trespassing and drainage issues in their residential area Tuesday at the Franklin City Council meeting.
Residents said functions at the Franklin Recreation Center have been extremely noisy. Complaints to police were made. There were also complaints of activities in City Park that were loud.
Mayor Eugene Foulcard said there are city ordinances on loud music.
“We definitely plan on addressing your concerns,” Foulcard said. He said he and Police Chief Morris Beverly has met with residents in the area about their concerns. “We plan to be aggressive with addressing them.”
Robin Boudreaux said that decibel meters don’t measure the low-end bass sounds, which travel across distances.
Stephanie Calhoun filed a litany of complaints, including loud music until 2 a.m.
“We have to listen to that from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock,” she said.
She also spoke on litter that she said comes from Hospital Avenue, down Circle Drive and to the recreation center. Neighbors try to pick up the trash, but she noted there is a dumpster right in the area that violators could be using.
Also, Calhoun said individuals are trespassing on private yards to cross to Chauvin Drive.
And drainage problems are yet another issue in the neighborhood. Calhoun said she believes the system is need of cleaning to help drainage and prevent flooding of yards.
The old Franklin Foundation Hospital is becoming decrepit, Calhoun said. Foulcard said he has been in contact with the owners of the building and that they plan on addressing its condition.
Other street issues were discussed as well.
A couple who moved to Circle Drive last September said they were told it was a quiet area. But traffic going to the recreation center, loud music, flashing lights and other nuisances have proven otherwise.
Glenn Carr reported multiple drainage issues as well, citing water in yards that had never been there before, until about four years ago. The sheer amount of water has caused his fence to lean and has broken concrete sections and a built-in barbecue pit.
Stephen Hale said he believes the water is coming from Chauvin Drive, and presented photos and maps from the area to support his belief. He said water is “shooting out of the drains” indicating blockages.
There were also reports of shots being fired in the neighborhood on more than one occasion, and suspicious activity in the area.
Foulcard promised to address all concerns.


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