CAA Liheap Appointments

St. Mary Community Agency Agency will beging accepting appointments on Tuesday, Jan. 14 beginning at 8:30 a.m. for utility assistance.
Persons may call the central office at 337-828-5703 to set up an appointment in the St. Mary Parish area. No walk-ins. If you don’t have all information, your application will not be accepted.
LIHEAP UTILITY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: The LIHEAP Utility Assistance Program helps low-income households pay their heating and cooling bills as well as increase their energy self-sufficiency. This program targets people with the lowest incomes and the highest energy costs based on their income and family size. Additional targets are low-income households that include the elderly, persons with disabilities, and young children.
CRISIS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: CAA will also take applications for the Crisis Assistance Program. This program is to help households whose lights and/or gas bills are turned off or threatened to be disconnected due to do no other means of payment. Households are eligible for one crisis payment not to exceed $475.
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must be responsible for the household energy bill. Applicant must have an active heating/cooling utility account. Applicant may only receive one LIHEAP benefit each season. Heating: November 15 – March 15, Cooling: April 1 – September 30
Crisis: October 1 – September 30
—Recent copies of your utility bills-(Gas and Light Bills only)
—Last four consecutive copies of check stubs for employed household members
—Proof of unearned income (Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Pension Funds, Disability, etc.)
—Disconnect notice (if you received a shut-off notice from your energy company)
—Proof of present address (Cable, Telephone, Water, rent receipt, lease or deed, etc.)
—Driver’s license or picture ID of everyone 18 and over in Household
—Social Security card for all members living in your household
—Additional information may be required to determine your eligibility for energy assistance
Number in Household Gross Income Per Month:
1 $2,011
2 $2,630
3 $3,249
4 $3,868
5 $4,486


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