Statement about tropical weather near Yucatan

A 1005 mb low pressure center is near the center of the Yucatan
Peninsula, near 19.5N89W. Gale-force winds, and sea heights
ranging from 9 feet to 14 feet, cover the Caribbean Sea from 18N
northward between 84W and 85W. Gale-force winds are going to be
developing in parts of the SE Gulf of Mexico during the afternoon
hours of today. A surface trough extends from the 1005 mb low
pressure center, to the Florida Big Bend. Convective
precipitation: scattered to numerous strong from Honduras toward
NW Cuba between 82W and 85W. Widely scattered to scattered
moderate and isolated strong in the Gulf of Mexico from NW Cuba to
29N between the Florida west coast and 87W. Earlier scattered to
numerous strong precipitation, that was covering the areas that
are from the northern half of Guatemala to 20N in the Yucatan
Peninsula, has weakened. Widely scattered moderate to isolated
strong remains, mostly in the coastal plains from Belize to 20N in
the Yucatan Peninsula. The low pressure center continues to lack
a well-defined center of circulation. Gradual development of this
system is expected when it moves into the southern or central
Gulf of Mexico later today and Tuesday. It is likely that a
tropical storm, or a subtropical cyclone may form there. Heavy
rains are expected to continue in parts of Central America, the
Yucatan Peninsula, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and western Cuba
during the next few days. An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter
aircraft is scheduled to investigate this system later today, if
necessary. The chance of formation into a tropical cyclone during
the next two days is high. Please read the latest NHC Tropical
Weather Outlook under AWIPS/WMO headers MIATWOAT/ABNT20 KNHC, and
the HIGH SEAS FORECAST...MIAHSFAT2/FZNT02 KNHC...for more details.


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